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Polishing Services

As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel and plated mild steel shopfitting rails and fixtures, AMD Engineering pioneered the move by local manufacturers to employ automated polishing equipment used in the preparation of uniform tube and flatbar finishes.

Whilst directly responsible for increasing the company's own output and product range, this has also allowed AMD Engineering to offer material polishing services to manufacturers of architectural products, such as balustrade and furniture – where the wet process employed is capable of multiple grade uniform finishes.

Recently, AMD Engineering has assisted in developing Polishing Solutions – a joint-venture specifically offering polishing to all finishes of multiple steel products. Automated polishing is offered for flat, square and rectangular profiles up to 160mm wide, as well as round tubes up to 40mm wide. Hand finishing up to mirror polish is also offered on almost any configuration.

With effect from March 2014, AMD Engineering has taken over & re-structured the Polishing Solutions polishing team, to improve on volume capability and lead times. We are still able to offer external polishing services – now at a more competitive rate.

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