AMD Engineering

Follows the Broad Based BEE principles

of the Codes of Good Practice

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Broad Based BEE Principles

AMD Engineering follows the Broad Based BEE principles of the Codes of Good Practice.

In accordance with the company BEE Plan and strategy, AMD Engineering strives continuously to achieve annual compliance targets and overall improvement.

Current steps include:

Employment Equity – AMD Engineering promotes and encourages staff from previously disadvantaged groups – especially as opportunities arise for advancement within the company.

Skills Development - AMD Engineering assists staff members with opportunities for improvement and advancement, both with 'on-the-job' training and also with external courses.

Preferential Procurement – it is company policy to give preference to suppliers who are BEE-compliant.

Enterprise Development & Social Development – AMD Engineering has identified and assists beneficiaries for both categories – now for a 4th successful year."

BEE Certification

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