Manufacturer of Plated Mild Steel and

Stainless Steel Shopfitting Rails

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Shopfitting Equipment

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As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel and plated mild steel shopfitting rails, fittings and fixtures, AMD Engineering provides solutions to the retail, commercial, corporate and leisure sectors. We specialize in the manufacture of customized Shopfitting equipment – ranging from complete department stores to specialty "boutique" outlets.

Since our establishment in 1993, AMD Engineering has built a solid reputation for quality shopfitting metal work, supplying both shopfitting outfitters and retail groups directly. Although AMD Engineering has forged a niche in the high-end, A-Grade store fixture market, we also retain a wide base of clientele in the mass-market sector.

Over the past decade, AMD Engineering has become involved in both import and export of goods, developing strong reciprocal relationships with a number of specialist manufacturers overseas – ensuring that our clients achieve the best possible value.

This has also made it possible for AMD Engineering to offer supportive shopfitting products (eg: storefront mannequins) – providing for all the varied needs of our clients.

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